How To Earn Money From BLOG

Feb 5, 2014
Easy way to earn money from blog is ADSENSE. Google will provide ads on your blog and google will pay money from those ads acording to views and click on ads.

Step 1:

First you need to Sign in at and then create a blog, After creating the blog you need to post it and the content should not be a copyright content.

Step 2: 

To Apply Adsense on your blog, your blog must be atleast Six Months old so that you are eligible for ads on your blog. From your blog setting there will be Earnings page from there you need to associate your account for adsense and you need to give your correct information so that your payment will be given at your place.

Step 3:

After Associating your account with adsense it will take some days to verify your account and will inform you via email, then you will see google ads on your blog below your posts and in your side-bars. 

Payment Threshold:

Payement threshold will tell you when you can withdraw your money.

At last after earning 100$ you can withdraw your money via PAYPAL or by CHECK.