Google Launches Lens Blur Tool in New Camera App

Apr 17, 2014
Google released its new camera app known as Google Camera and if you’re on android 4.4 KitKat, you will be able to test this out at once. one in all the peachy options in the new camera app is Lens Blur. This is often very kind of like what Nokia did with their Refocus app.

Since we tend to had both options at hand, we tend to figured why not test this out and see that platform does it higher. we tend to tested Lens Blur on the Motorola Moto X and also the Refocus on the Lumia 920. The idea here is not to examine that one captures a clearer image however that app does a stronger job at manipulating the focus.

The Google app scores well only because we manually focused on the subject. Without that, it’s tough to get a clear picture with multiple subjects.

Google’s Lens Blur has one neat feature that’s missing from the Nokia’s Refocus app and that’s the flexibility to manipulate with the blur intensity for the background or foreground. The photographs shot with Google’s Lens Blur appearance a lot additional placing as a result of this fact. However, in terms of the quantity of focus points that are accessible to play with, Nokia’s Refocus app does a much higher job here. Google’s Lens Blur is unable to get the full scene focused accurately, as a result of that just some areas are sharp whereas others stay muzzy despite shifting focus to them in post.

In the end, both apps perform fairly although we feel Nokia has a slight edge when it comes to the capturing multiple focus points. It is good to see Google learning a thing from Nokia and hopefully they can add more functionality to this first effort.

You May Download Google Camera App. Click here to Download.