iPhone 6 Launched in India, iPhone 6 review, specs

Mar 28, 2014
The all new iPhone 6 could be one of the most important devices in the Cupertino brand's history, the the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C little updates to the previous models, there is a lot of strain collected on the iPhone 6.

As usual, the internet flooded rumor, speculation and downright lies over this next-generation smartphone, this is why we spend our time to drag through each nugget of info. 

Apple is speculating that bigger will be greater when it comes to the all new iPhone 6, which is why it’s reportedly working on two versions of the devices that are both larger than the iPhone 5s.One thing is sure, with the new Samsung Galaxy S5 and Sony Xperia Z2 ,plus our full HTC One (M8) truly stunning phone, Apple will need to be on its best with the new iPhone handset  and most people believe a bigger display screen is simply a must.

The iPhone 6 will release date in 2014, although same when that will be in the year is still a little unclear. In 2014 June this year we will see the obvious release of iOS 8 operating system, and also a larger-screened iPhablet as Apple looks to bring itself forward in the Asian markets and emulate the prize of the Galaxy Note 3.

while the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 will likely to be launch in august or September, and sources said that 5.7 inch model "may or may not be launch at the same time with 4.7 inch iPhone". The iPhone 4.7 inch resolution could of the same as that of the 4.7 inch iPhone 6.

The new iPhone 6 will probably have a sapphire glass screen, making it highly tough and strong. Unfortunately, this is all the information that we have as of now. Sources has been reported that the iPhone 6 will be the slimmest iPhone yet in the market. In fact, reported 6mm thick, the new iPhone 6 would cut down 1.6mm off of the iPhone 5. It would also make half the thickness of the iPhone 3GS to the new iPhone 6.

In terms of storage, 64GB been the top model for a couple of years, and continues to be the same for the iPhone 5S. We are carrying the same storage for the iPhone 6. Although apple can make a higher storage device upto 128GB but we are still expecting the same.

Apple often releases its new iPhone models at the same price as the old phones. If that holds out, then, and expecting that the 16GB model is dropped, we would expect the 32GB model to cost £529, the 64GB model £599 and the 128GB model £699. However, if the company continue to sell the remaining iPhone 5S models, we could be thinking for some new price, in which case all risk are off and we have no idea how much it will be pricing.